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Can a meeting continue if the Chairman abondons the meeting

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At a recent parish meeting the Chairman resigned and abandoned the meeting, he just left without closing or temporarily suspending the meeting. The Vice Chairman stepped up to give a recess to allow members to gain composure, I said that members could resolve to continue the meeting with the vice chair but was told by one cllr this couldn't happen. It was a good thing the meeting didn't happen as the atmosphere was fraught but could anyone advise if the meeting could have continued as it was quorate. Adopted Standing orders do not have any rules re this

thanks all
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2 Answers

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In the absence of the chair, the vice chair shall chair the meeting.

The vice chair needed to make decision, in consultation with the Clerk as to how to proceed, given the circumstances of the meeting.
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I'm not surprised that your Standing Orders has nothing to say about this as it is very unusual!  I do think that your councillor was incorrect about not being able to elect a chair though.  My view is that if the old chair resigned, then any subsequent meeting (which happened after a recess) has to have a chair who can be elected by the councillors attending.  The meeting could have continued with the newly elected chair if it was quorate.  The same could be said if the chair became ill or had to leave for an emergency.  It is all about being pragmatic and who is likely to complain if you had urgent issues that needed to be decided?
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