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member of public not telling truth about Parish council meet on Facebook

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Hi has a Parish Council do not reply to any comments place on Facebook. However over the last 18 months we have a regular member of the public who attends our monthly meeting. She then goes our local village site via Facebook where she continally write thing which were talked about totally wrong she lies and is making the whole village against us.  what if anything can we do
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3 Answers

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May not be much help but a local council nearby has started recording and posting the meetings on Facebook, this may mitigate the postings.
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As well as recording the meetings (audio will suffice) issue a newsletter and explain with a few examples why the comments are flawed.
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It might be helpful for you to put your own side of the story, without any reference to this lady or her Facebook posts. One of my councils publishes a plain English "What your Parish Council discussed at this month's meeting" immediately after each meeting, which is often on the Parish Council's website on the same evening as the meeting. It helps to avoid any misunderstanding of the issues discussed and decisions made and is quicker to produce and more easily understood than the minutes.
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