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A newly co-opted Cllr canvassed members of the Council prior to vote - is this allowed?

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Following two seats not being filled at election, held co-option process for two wards, one of which was contested.  Two months later another Cllr has reported, and given proof, that she was contacted by the winner of the contested co-option, prior to the meeting at which co-option took place asking her "will you canvas votes for me? I need ..... and ......"   Is this allowable or ethical when I know the other candidates put forward their names and followed the procedures and did not canvass?  Do we have any redress over this - was the co-option valid?
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Unless there is a specific Parish Council Policy that prevents applicants talking to the Council it is probably legal but unethical.  It might be worth looking at the model code of conduct but I suspect that any reference that this would be a breach of it would be open to debate.
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Firstly they weren’t a Councillor at the time they did it
Secondly the Councillors contacted should have mentioned this before the meeting I feel it’s far too late in the day now

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