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Parish Clerk Appraisal

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Our Parish Clerk started with our Parish in May 2018.  The Appraisal was completed by the outgoing Chair, who also stood down as a Parish Councillor.  Myself as Chair and the Vice-Chair have had 2 meetings with the Parish Clerk and she refuses to read and discuss the appraisal, can you advise how we stand regarding the regulations on HR carrying out annual Appraisals.
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2 Answers

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Has she given any reason for her refusal to discuss the appraisal?  Have you offered her the chance to conduct a new appraisal?  The appraisal should be ratified by the council or a duly authorised committee.  Did this take place?  The resignation of the former chair has no bearing whatsoever on the process.

I suggest you contact your local association for advice.
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An appraisal  should really be done with the oversight of a staffing committee or a committee that incorporates that function.  Do you have a staff performance or staff development policy? I would suggest introducing a policy which includes a mandatory appraisal and check the Clerk's contract of employment. Refusing to be appraised could be in breech of it!
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