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I am advised by my Parish Clerk that Parish Councillors are not permitted to email each other on any matter than what is discussed at a Parish Meeting.  Eg I as Chair emailed the Parish Councillors ccd to the Parish Clerk regarding the withdrawal of local buses 2 days after our Parish Council Meeting, which is held monthly.  Our Parish Clerk insists that we are not permitted to communicate to each other and that EVERYTHING must go through the Parish Clerk.
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I fear your Clerk may be overstepping the mark.  Official communications with members of the public and other third parties should be handled by the Clerk, but you are free to engage in discussions with whoever you choose, as long as you make it clear that any view you express is your personal opinion, not the council's.
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Your clerk is getting too big for his or her boots and needs to be told in no uncertain terms that they are there to serve councillors, not dictate actions to suit their own agenda.Whilst decisions can only be made through resolution at meetings, no such restrictions apply to verbal or written communication. You do have a duty to comply with GDPR though if your Emails include personal data of third parties.
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