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Resign from a party & become independent

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I’ve recently been elected as a Town Councillor and part of a new party.  You now would like to resign as being part of that party & become an Independent.

I cannot find anywhere how to do this ?  Could anyone help?
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1 Answer

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Tell your party you have resigned.

Email the Clerk (If you are organised as political groupings)

Update your register of interests.

That is it.
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Just to clarify how do you update your register of interests please ? Any links
Your clerk will be able to provide a blank copy (you should have just recently completed one), the formatting differs between councils.
Thanks for your help - finally after two days researching found where & what I needed to do.  However I’ve updated my register of interest form via the district council but how do they record that I’m now independent ?
Where does it say that you a member of a political party?
Your parish clerk can update the Parish website. If it is shown on the district council website, then you can ask the Parish Clerk to ask them to update it.

Otherwise there isn't anywhere else, unless you can see anywhere else that your details are publicly available?

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