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Any guidence that a council cannot provide funding for somthing which is a statutory authority responsibility?

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My council has previously given money to the local primary school, this has normally been via the chair's fund - the amount was decided by the chair of council (I was told it was done this way as the council itself was not able to give money to the school as funding was a statutory requirement of the local authority)

Just looking for clear guidence of where it states this is the case.
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It really depends what the school is using the funds for.

If you are providing picnic benches in the playground then that is fine and can be done through 137 funding.

What is the funding being used for?
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The school have previously asked for money to do some work on a toilet block (new toilets, repair windows and new heating system) The last money that was given to the school was for musical instruments.

I'm trying to develop a grant policy for the council and am under the impression that a council would not be able to give money directly to a school as funding would be a local authority responsibility. So in the answer above the council would not be able to give money to the school for picnic benches but could give the money to the school PTA and they could then provide the benches or funds to the school.
There isn't an absolute block on providing funds except where prohibited by law, especially if you power of general competence.

Even if you don't, I am struggling to think of a legislative block on funding a primary school. I know there are specifics about not running (but can fund) libraries. I will check my Arnold Baker book later today.

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