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Can councillors question nominees for chair and vice chair

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One of the nominated councillors in a contested election has asked a question about the process of electing the Chair and Vice Chair at the first Parish Council Meeting after an election.  They wish to know whether they are allowed to question the nominees for Chair and Vice Chair before voting for them.  (I know it sounds complicated, but I assume they have a valid reason.)
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That's an unusual request.  I presume that the person in question understands the limits of the role of chair of a parish council?  There should be no delegated authority and all decisions should be agreed by the members as a whole.  The chair is simply the person who oversees the meetings.  It isn't akin to the election of a party leader.

The agenda for the annual meeting is long enough already, particularly in an election year, so to avoid an all-nighter, I'd be inclined to say no.
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The standard orders need to be looked at. There is nothingo to stop those who put their names forward issuing a statement about what they stand for but the Chair and Vice chair do not have unilateral decision making powers or pseudo disciplinary/judicial roles.
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