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Is it the norm for Committee Agendas to only be sent to those on the relevant Committee? We have had situations where meeting dates have changed, non committee members not aware and items of interest missed as the information comes before Full Council to note only. At one time non committee members knew and attended as sometimes meetings was inquorate.

Should the background papers be available too, both for Councillors and interested members of the Council.
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The members of the committee should receive the agenda and it should also be published on the council's noticeboard and website (if you have one).  There is no requirement for all councillors to receive all agendas, it would be a decision for the council in question.  That said, if there is something controversial being considered in the committee, you would have to ask if it should actually be considered at full council rather than a committee having delegated powers to discuss it...
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The "Norm" as expected by the Openness and Transparency in Public Bodies 2014 legislation is that Committee Agenda including background papers are published on the Council website, so that they are accessible to the public as well as all Councillors.
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