What non core activities does your Parish Council undertake?

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Our rural Parish Council is looking to become more active.  Traditionally it has concentrated on key 'core' activities (dog bins, street lighting, Tree Warden, a closed burial ground etc).   I'd be interested to understand what types of activity other Parish Councils get involved in, and how these are valued by parishioners.
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The important thing is do you have the general power of competence as that gives you much more freedom to undertake projects.  Failing that, you can under s137 undertake work but there are strict requirements to what you spend it on and for what reason.

How about the provision of play equipment and or a skate park or MUGA pitch?  Do you do a newsletter?

We are working on creating a local museum at the moment, installation of defibrillators is always a popular one or how about a village event / fete?

Another project that we are investigating is the provision of free Wi-Fi for the village centre as it is so bad here?

You also might want to consider a grants policy to enable local organisations to flourish..?

Hope the above helps

Just some ideas....
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Thank you - that's certainly something to think about.  There is an active group that organises fetes, bonfire parties etc but on the back of your response I'm going to investigate Britain in Bloom and playground equipment.

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