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When does a persons democratic right to complain become an abuse of that privilege?

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Quite rightly, we all have the democratic right to speak openly about things that concern or upset us!

In peoples experience, is there a cut off point or point where complaining appears to be for complainings sake!

We all make mistakes and will, hopefully, admit to those errors and try to correct them accordingly; but some people will go on and on and on to the point where, i believe, it becomes abusive or an abuse of that right!

Is there legislation or guidelines for what is considered 'reasonable' in terms of Parish obligations?
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1 Answer

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It is helpful to have robust procedures for dealing with complaints and to follow them religiously in every case.  The NALC's model code of conduct for complaints is a useful tool in this regard.  As you say, honesty and openness are vital.  If the complainant is attending meetings to voice his or her concerns, the procedure for dealing with this should be set out in your standing orders and the Chairman must take the lead.  If you are satisfied that you have listened to the complaint and offered an appropriate response, you are at liberty to determine the matter closed and to advise the complainant accordingly.

Sometimes, depending on the circumstances, it may be helpful to remind the complainant that the councllors are there because they were chosen by parishioners to make difficult decisions.  It is also important to remind ourselves that councillors are elected to represent all residents of the parish, not just the one or two who shout the loudest.
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Thank you, as always, Dave. It would be far simpler if it were a complaint! Procedures are much clearer and a s you say robust!
Unfortunately, it's everything. The wrong use of wording in minutes, someones tone during a meeting, etc, etc......
If there were a validity to the argument, I'd understand; but it seems to be about things that the other 100 members of the parish don't worry about, aren't concerned about or simply don't care!

Hence the question. The 'Joe Public' part of you wants to tell the to get a life and concentrate on what really matters, but the Councillor part tells you to smile and let them continue!
Its all very draining and tiring!!

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