If a parish council records its meetings elctronically, are the public entitled to a copy of that recording?

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The parish council routinely records it council meetings. A member of the public wishes to access a copy of the recording of all, or a relevant part of the meeting. Does the PC have to provide this?
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I think the answer is yes but you may have to ask for it via the Freedom of Information act 2000 and accept it on a memory stick or DVD The PC may charge you for the time taken to copy a recording on to such media.

See https://ico.org.uk/media/for-organisations/documents/1621/the-right-to-recorded-information-and-requests-for-documents.pdf

Dealing with requests for something other than a document
45.Most authorities hold material that isn’t in the form of a document
For example
CCTV footage, photographs and training videos.
46.An authority should treat a request for material that is not held in document form in exactly the same manner as a request for
a document; the authority has the same duty to communicate a true and accurate copy of the information to the requester.
However, the nature of such material means it will probably be impossible to communicate the information in anything other
than its original form. For instance, it is hard to envisage how an authority could accurately convey all the visual information
in a CCTV recording or photograph in words.
It is therefore likely that the only feasible way to communicate the information is to provide copies of the original material
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The Transparency Code hasn't caught up with this yet, referring specifically to:-

"Minutes, agendas and meeting papers of formal meetings..."

However, as Graeme has pointed out, the ICO appears to have a clear view on this, so it would be pointless to deny access and compel the applicant to submit an FOI request.

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