Can Councillors, who are both District and Town Councillors, validly comment on a Planning Application on both forums?

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I claim they can with the correct disclaimer: others disagree and refuse to comment at the Town Council.
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I agree.  They are elected as Town Councillors to represent the electorate of the town and they have a duty to do so.  They are also elected as District Councillors to represent the voters of their district ward etc etc.
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Thanks: that js how I see it but our District Councillors refuse to comment at Town Council meetings. Is there any regulation/law or NALC reference anywhere to emphasise this point?
There's an interesting reference in The Parish Councils (Model Code of Conduct) Order 2001.  Prejudicial interests paragraph 9 includes the following:-
(2) A member may regard himself as not having a prejudicial interest in a matter if that matter relates to—
(a)another relevant authority of which he is a member;
It's not specific to the situation you've outlined, but if I were you, I'd ask the District Council's Monitoring Officer for an opinion on this.
You mentioned that they refuse to comment, so I presume they also refuse to vote.  There are several references in guidance (but not legislation) to the concept of abstention being a last resort, to be used sparingly and the need to express an opinion, however challenging that may be.
Hope this helps.
Many thanks for that. I will follow it up and ask (through our own Clerk) the District Councli Monitoring Office.The first shots may be at our next Full Council as we have a very important Planning Application coming up.

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