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Canvassing by parish councillor

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We have our Parish elections in May.

Our parish councillor chairman is "inviting" certain people to join him on the parish council by putting hteir names down for the election.

Is he allowed to do this?

Does he have the authority?

Could their be any repercussions because of this ?

Thank you
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I am presuming that these are elections where nominees have to submit their applications to the Borough / District Council?  If that is the case, those interested will have to be eligible to apply and they would be aware that there would be a formal ballot if more applicants apply than positions on the council...  They will also have to get seconders and I believe you can only second one other person, especially if you are standing for election youself.

I think it is the responsibility of the existing councillors to encourage new membership but there is a risk that if the number falls below the positions on the council, they are uncontested and this could create an imbalance but that is the nature of the beast.
If there is a genuine concern, then the best route would be for all the Councillors to encourage their friends, get more applicants than needed and then pay for an election but that will cost you....

Consider the co-option method after all....  we have a formal policy but some parish councils are so desparate for new councillors that the bloke down the pub or your next door neighbour is press ganged...
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Thank you. Yes local Parish Council elections. I agree that it is good that we try to encourage the next generation however this person is seriously devious with another agenda to decent folk wanting only those that are on 'his' side if you get my meaning. I doubt that there will be any takers because of htis and we are stuck with the same dictators in control. Sometimes I think it isn't worth getting stressed!!
MrsAbster gives good advice. Quite frankly if you (and other residents) don’t like the way your Parish Council is being run and want to change that, you have two choices: do nothing or get involved. In particular take this opportunity to stand for election, but also get people to attend Parish Council meetings and ask questions and challenge decisions and actions.

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