Parish councillor harassing me?

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Hi, I own a small holding near to a village.  I recently had a couple of visits from planning officers and enviro. health - both of which were happy that i am not doing anything wrong, which was fine.

However, every day this week and a few days last week I've noticed a woman watching me work; just standing near a hedge (half hidden) watching what i'm doing. She stays for about 10 mins then moves on.

I asked a neighbour who she was - and she's the local parish council clerk.

At what stage does this become harressment?  I'm not doing anything wrong - why should i feel harressed on my own land?



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Sounds like this is already definate harressment already. I would take a foto of her watching and/or possible witness to see her there and would reccomend that you put your complaint in writing to the chairperson of your local parish meeting and a copy to the county council.
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Did you get any support from the County Council?

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