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What impact have the financial difficulties facing tier 2+ authorities had on Parish/Town Councils? With the much-heralded combined authorities already showing cracks and the alarm bells within the sector sounding what impact will it have on our tier. Will we be expected to fill the growing gaps in service provision? (S114 Notices leading to only statutory services. Will we be expected to buy assets during the predicted asset fire-sale green-lighted to allow them to cover day-to-day expenditure. Can the first tier with its only challenges cope?

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The Borough I was on has no serious financial problems because Councillors took a great interest in the finances and weren’t fobbed off by Officers

A lot of the Councils in financial difficulties ( of all political hues ) created the situation in the first place

I’d suggest it’s  not up to Parish Councils to pick up the slack by taking over higher tier responsibilities
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Is that allowed though, for a lower tier council to pick up an upper tier's responsibilities. What are the rules governing that?
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This is why I believe that government has NOT restricted the level of precept for town and parish councils - we are thought of as the pressure valve for supplying services.

Edited as I had not included the word Not - if you see what I mean.  Apologies

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Is that allowed though, for a lower tier council to pick up an upper tier's responsibilities. What are the rules governing that?
The broad answer is yes especially if they have the Power of General Competence I know several Parish Councils that have “ picked up the slack “ which results in rising rates of precept
In what way has government “restricted the level of precept for town and parish councils?”

Is that a typo or are you 180 degrees off target?

Government has restricted higher tier councils by requiring a referendum for council tax rise above 4% but it has specifically, intentionally and to actively NOT imposed restrictions at town and parish precept level.
Town and parish precepts are restricted only by the tolerance of the tax payer - there is no government restriction.

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