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I am about to go into battle to establish a "civic pride" post nominally called a lengthsman.  It seems to me that there are 101 things which a handyman type role could fulfil .  We seem to have currently a couple of orderlies who work direct to the clerk and do specific things. Both work about 10 hrs a week and one is a gardener only  for the burial ground .  I see a lengthsman type role who works as directed as a much more flexible approach especially with District Councils budgets being cut and many routines functions no longer happening .
How do other PCs approach the issue of "reacting to local needs" ?
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Your comment "I am about to go into battle ..." speaks volumes!
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Indeed it does because sometimes that how it feels.  The last Council simply had the numbers to refuse to review our orderly resource . Now that my representations have released over £120k previously unlawfully allocated to EMR  the response has been "transfer it to General reserves"  despite the fact that they are set at the recognised amount.  I am merely seeking to spend some of it on making our village a better place to live under the banner of "civic pride"
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Here, the term "lengthsman" refers more to someone who undertakes highway related works such as clearing ditches, cleaning signs, cutting back vegetation and it is a role that requires highways authority input.  However, a village handyman or something similar is quite common in rural areas in particular for the reasons you've identified.
Local councils can employ staff for whatever roles they wish and I agree it is one way of ensuring those minor repairs and maintenance type jobs are tackled quickly rather than needing to see multiple quotes etc. as you would for a contractor job.  The difficulty I've experienced is actually identifying priorities (everyone has a different view) and of course the necessary element of supervision that would be required to ensure that the employee carries out the tasks required, is able to purchase materials and tools etc. as needed.  It might save time in getting things done but will add to the workload of the Clerk or other staff member and does need a bit of thought about how to manage the workload of the individual appointed.
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Well it looks like we have an in principle agreement.   Given that this is possibly a jack of all trades job what would readers consider an appropriate rate per hour "ish"

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