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Do Cllrs have rights to abusive person’s ID on FB?

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As a female Cllr, I have been subjected to years of online abuse.  It has been reported to the Police.  The complaint didn’t progress to Court.  Maybe it should have.  Both the Town and Unitary are aware of the abuse and are siding with the abusers.  There are many abusers.  4 months ago, one abuser turned extremely nasty on a thread towards myself and turned abusive because of my role as a Cllr.  The subject discussed was not about the the Town Council.  I was responding on my private FB account.  The abuse got worse & I requested his identity, as someone messaged me believing that his FB account looked fake.  No one knows this person,  I don’t know this person.   In one comment only I stated ‘I have a right as a Cllr to demand his identity’.  The entire thread was deleted that day.

4 month later,  I received an email from a solicitor stating the MO had instructed the solicitor to investigate me - 4 months after this ‘spate’ on FB - to date I have received no information what I had done that was wrong, the MO has refused to disclose the identity of this person to me & they are investigating me on one side of the thread only.  The one side are my answers only and only one response do I state I am a Cllr.  The Town Clerk has written to the MO stating I had ‘breached the Code of Conduct’ listing ‘bully’, ‘harassment’, this is now part of their evidence.  The independent person wrote …I agree with the MO assessment, these are serious allegations…’
There appears to be no support or helpline for Cllrs.  Any help would be most welcome.

The police have stated that the unitary and Town Council have a duty of care towards me.  This statement is also made by the LGA.  Unless I know this persons identity, he will continue.  I can’t even do a ‘cease and desist’ letter.  The unitary authority have given no reason to me refpgarding no telling me his address & they have now threatened me!  Accusing me of non-cooperation & they are just going to issue a report against me & make this public at a Hearing.
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I can't follow the ins and outs of this, but I don't believe you have any more rights as a Councillor to people's personal information. Unfortunatly you've identified yourself as a councillor, and then engaged in bullying behaviour. You're therefore held up to a different set of standards than the general public.  Surely you must understand why they can't just give you their identity and address?
That being said, if you look at your house insurane, many have legal cover, so you should be able to access legal advice via that. One of the perils of identifyig yourself as a Clr on social media, I'm afraid. Best avoided if possible. Any harrasment/threats, it's radio silence and straight to the police. Don't engage.
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Thank you.  It’s an interesting point you raise.  If I was in a council meeting as a Cllr, the member of the public would need to identify themselves to be able to address Cllrs.  This is the protocol.  Votes at Parish meetings and/or petitions have to have valid names and addresses & have to be in the parish if it’s about parish council tax.   If I speak at unitary level I have to either live or work in the county & have to be identified prior to my question being accepted.  Interesting.  I identified myself as a Cllr in only one response.  I think fake ids on FB are a real concern, personally.  However, really appreciate your feedback!

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