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We have a PC of nine members and there is a possibility that 5 or 6 are in 'cahoots' (I know its a colloquialism) and I realise I might sound paranoid.  So here is my query.

If it is believed that the Chair and four of their colleagues are 'in league' and will almost always vote together, with the Chair's vote they will always have a majority.  So, when the Council votes on a proposal, should the chair wait to see the outcome and then, if its a 'draw' use their casting vote?
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Very little you can do and your suggestion that the chair should effectively only vote after others can't be enforced (nor should it to be honest). Political groups both formal & informal have existed in one form or the other since day zero. You cant stop it and it will always happen. I'll always remember the audible gasp when I joined and voted against something as dissent had clearly not happened in decades.. (if ever).
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It reads like you might have misunderstood what a casting vote in the case of an equality of votes actually is.
The chair has an original vote AND a casting vote in the case of an equality of votes.
The original vote (of the chair) is exactly the same as any other Cllr’s vote. They can’t be deprived of their original vote. The casting vote is the privilege of the chair - but they may vote other than in alignment with their original vote (uncommon TBF but possible where the argument is compelling and the chair morally upright)
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Take a look at the house of commons. The party in power will (on most important votes) 'whip' their MP's into voting a particular way. Basically they are in cahoots as you put it and know if they all vote the same way they will get what they want because they have the numerical advantage.

If that's allowed at government level why you do think Parish Councils are going to get special treatment. I don't think the casting vote is anything to do with ensuring fairness. Merely a way to ensure a decision gets made. Anyway, in the circumstance you presented the chair would still vote 'in cahoots' with their deciding vote and so it would still go against you. Just one stage later.
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When you say 'in cahoots' do you mean they disagree with you? Aren't acting in the public interest? As detailed above, it exists in all layers of government, so I'm not seeing why you're saying this is different.
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