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What does a councillor acting as temporary clerk call themselves?

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Our Clerk has now retired and we have duly elected a councillor to act as Clerk/RFO while we are recruiting. When sending emails or letters on behalf of the Council how does the Councillor sign off? Acting Clerk, Interim Clerk, just Clerk or something else.
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I would say Interim clerk
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Acting proper officer as defined in Section 112 of the Local Government Act 1972.
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I didn’t see that it actually says that.
It appears to define that. PC may appoint from within its number to be officer(s) of the council.
It stops short, in my reading, of actually providing a title - but it shouldn’t be too difficult to conjure something relevant and catchy
It says "a local authority shall appoint such officers as they think necessary for the proper discharge by the authority of such of their or another authority’s functions" But section 270 of the Local gov act 1972 also says "(3)Any reference in this Act to a proper officer and any reference which by virtue of this Act is to be construed as such a reference shall, in relation to any purpose and any local authority or other body or any area, be construed as a reference to an officer appointed for that purpose by that body or for that area, as the case may be"

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