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Is a WhatsApp Group appropriate for parish councillors?

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I’m a temporary acting clerk/cllr  as our clerk left without notice.  I would like to suggest a WhatsApp Group for low level communication for example gentle reminders to submit Agenda items, or to advise minutes/agenda have been emailed/posted - so councillors know to look out for.  Some of our council members won’t use email but may well go for this option as a quick way to communicate with each other about minor items.
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2 Answers

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I use WhatsApp for two of my councils, as outlined above. It works well for me.
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Many thanks ‘Dave The Clerk’.  I’m hoping my tenure as temporary acting clerk is short lived - but in the meantime I just want to get right the basics to keep us going.
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There are pros and cons, do all your Councillors have mobiles as some of my fellow Councillors certainly don’t.  You also need to have in the back of your mind that they can also be included in an FOI request.
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Thanks ‘Parishcouncillor’. Yes all have mobiles, just don’t do email!.  It’s just a suggestion for raising at the next meeting but wanted to check out first. Noted re FOI and many thanks for your response.
Some councils, though not my own have adopted WhatsApp. Look up Mistley Parish Council WhatsApp policy for example. It's really just about making sure it doesn't spill over into discussion about live or upcoming agenda items as that could be seen as pre-determination but that is the same for any other communication. Also the FOI point is well made, although wouldn't apply to a private WhatsApp group. You also need to make sure all councillors have or want to have WhatsApp or opt out, otherwise it could be discriminatory, in which case there is nothing to stop you setting up a non official WhatsApp group without using council resources?
Thanks ‘Debater62’ your comments are noted and much appreciated.

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