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Do Committee meetings have to take place on a specific date?

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We have 5 committees, 4 presently take place every month on the third Monday or Tuesday, with the last one being HR takes place "every 3 months or more if necessary.  Sometimes, although not often, some of the others do not need to meet as there is nothing to go on the agenda. Presumably this is ok. No point having a meeting about nothing.

The Clerk has now suggested changing all Terms of Reference for Committees to "will meet when necessary. Just that, no specific date or month. Is this allowed? If not can anyone point me to the relevant legislation.
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2 Answers

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There is no specific date requirement but there must be at least three regular town or parish council The 1972 local government act also says The parish meeting of a parish shall assemble annually on some day between 1st March and 1st June, both inclusive, in every year.  So it can't be cancelled regardless of whether or not the council feels it should be.  Likewise the same applies to the annual meeting of the parish council, sometimes incorrectly described as the "AGM".
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Thank you for your reply.  We're ok with the full Town Council meetings. We're usually quite busy and have one every month except August, when we are in recess.
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Yeah legal (and as you suggest sensible).  Thar flexibility is essential for certain committees (particularly something like Appeal/HR/Standards whereby often pressing need to meet.  The standard summons / agenda display period applies.  We do try to be make sure we give as much notice as possible going beyond what is required in law to be helpful.  Its in nobodies interest to turn up to transact no business (waste of public money, waste of energy & actually should any public come and take time to watch from it does reputational damage seeing a room hired/set up for a 4 minute hello everyone approve minutes meeting closed meeting).
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Thank you for you reply.

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