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Can a councillor ask for his remarks not to be minuted

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In the parish council meeting councillors make remarks some not very nice and then ask the clerk not to write them in the minutes if it is a minuted meeting can they do that ?    and should the chairman allow it
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The purpose of minutes is to record decisions, not what people say verbatim.  Very occasionally some background to the decision is helpful but only to explain the decision.  There is no place for comments made whether positive or negative to be included in the MInutes.  However, be aware that members of the council and members of the public in attendance can record proceedings at meetings.  If you don't want it reported anywhere, don't say it.
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The recommended standard for minutes is abysmal as quite often decisions are based on oral assurances that are then not recorded so there is no audit trail

Because of this all meetings should be recorded which has the added advantage of curtailing the behaviour you mention

Of course if it doesn’t the recording will provide evidence for a complaint
The law doesn't support that view.  Signed minutes are the only legally accepted evidence of proceedings at a meeting.  As I have said, sometimes background information is important to give context to a decision but "remarks"  have no place in MInutes.
PCs seem to forget who the “customer” is and who they are elected to serve.
Whilst there is guidance for the MINIMUM standard of minutes, those that strive to achieve the minimum will forever be restricted by their own mediocrity.
If “ remarks “ do not need to be included in minutes maybe they shouldn’t be made in the first place as what’s the point of them

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