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Co-option back onto Council of a Councillor who had resigned

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A Councillor resigned, but almost immediately (after a month) wants to re-join the Parish Council. Is there anything to stop the PC co-opting them back in, once the vacancy has been posted and fewer than 10 people have requested an election?
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No reason at all although in my Parish they’ve been known to reject applicants even though there’s vacancies
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Nothing to stop an individual having resigned seeking to re-join body.  It actually happens more than many realise. The fact that written resignations are considered final (with no option to withdraw or decline them) the reality is many a Cllr has resigned in heat of moment sent email practically as meeting ends (sometimes during them) and when the dust has settled regretted it. I do find it bit odd once they have done it a few times mind (aware of case locally where a member did it twice in 4 years!)
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This has just happened in our Council. A Councillor became upset, but not because of the Town Council. She stood for County Council as well and got some unpleasant  comments to her online post of her proposed policies. In the heat of the moment decided to leave the Town Council as well. Fortunately she sent the resignation to the Clerk but not to the Chair. After calming down she has decided to stay on the Town Council.  There really should be a cooling off period after sending a resignation, even if it's just a couple of days.

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