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New Code of Conduct

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Having carried out the training for the new Code of Conduct I asked for clarification regarding the word “ prudent “ and this is the response I got 

“The only use of the word prudent I can find in the new Code is the general obligation to: 


‘ensure that public resources are used prudently in accordance with your Council’s requirements and in the public interest’


This means not using council resources or equipment for political or private purposes (the example in the training was of downloading porn onto a council laptop being a breach).

It would also extend more widely to ensuring value for money in spending public funds too.”

So in theory failing to ensure Value for Money could be a breach of the Code ?

What do you think ?

Also when carrying out the training please ask this question 

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I believe there is a very specific restriction on the use of council property for political purposes but I can't recall the actual legal reference.
Personally, I wouldn't imply that the Code of Conduct requires that individuals must ensure "value for money" as part of their conduct as a councillor.  Notwithstanding that the financial procedures require certain approaches to expenditure based upon size of contract and size of local authority and the Code of Conduct was not intended to amend the separate regulations, the concept of value for money can be subjective and of course decision making is a collective exercise and responsibility.

My own interpretation of the word "prudence" is that decisions should be made with care, i.e. after consideration of all the facts
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That’s exactly why I suggested people asked at the training sessions
Misuse of funds for private or political purposes is clearly a no no but as the word prudence has been included then it’s not unreasonable to be told exactly what it covers

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