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We already have vacancies on our Parish Council and therefore all councillors will be re-elected in the local elections. One councillor intended to stand again but due to illness missed the deadline and will therefore leave the Council. The other Councillors are keen to co-opt the individual back on, but have been advised this cannot take place before June. There was a vague reference to the 6-month rule.  Can anyone explain how this works please?
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Our Council is in the same situation and after speaking to our local electoral team, you can co-opt as soon as possible after the first meeting of the new Council. This is what we are doing.  The first meeting is in May after the elections and then in June new Councillors will be co-opted
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To be honest, this is a common occurrence!  The rule is that a co-option (or series of co-options) can be made immediately after the date of the election, once the new council is in place so realistically it can be at the May meeting (i.e. the first meeting after the election) or, if this results in a rather unwieldy agenda, at the following meeting.  The usual requirement for additional notice of the vacancy etc. doesn't apply in this instance.
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Thank you  that is really interesting as it appears to contradict the advice the local electoral team gave ParishCouncillor above. Ca  you point me to the anything which sets out why the usual rules don't apply?
LGA1972- asap; that 6-month thing is a red herring.
(6)A casual vacancy among parish or community councillors shall be filled by election or by the parish or community council in accordance with rules made under [F4section 36 of the Representation of the People Act 1983] [F5in the case of a parish council or, in the case of a community council, made under section 36A of the 1983 Act].
(7)Where under this section any question is required to be determined by lot—
(a)in the case of a contested election, the lot shall be drawn by the returning officer immediately after the question has arisen; and
(b)in any other case, the lot shall be drawn at the next meeting of the council after the question has arisen, and the drawing shall be conducted under the direction of the person presiding at the meeting.

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