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How do I make a complaint about a town clerk harassing and victimising me.

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I am an allotment tenant and am being subjected to harassment and victimisation from town clerk.

Who do I contact with my complaint ?
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Town Clerks are employees of the town council and act on behalf of the town council.  Complaints about clerks should be addressed to the town council.  If you are unsure whether the complaint will be considered by the council, I'd suggest you formally address it to the council but then copy in the chair and/or other councillors.  Their contact details should be on the council website.
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Firstly check out on their web site their policy for complaints which should lay down the requirements to be met. Follow them precisely and be succinct in what your complaint is as one matter, quoting times, dates and have evidence if possible. Do not keep introducing new points as you leave yourself open to accusations of vexatious complaint  which can be grounds for dismissing of your complaint.
My comments below are based on past experience not on what should happen

Allotments are often contentious and a complaint against the Clerk no matter how justified can often result in retaliation

So my advice before going down any formal route is to have an informal word with the Chair

Irrespective of the rights and wrongs do you have evidence and will others support you ?

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