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Rules on Fundraising?

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What are the rules on fundraising for projects within the community?
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I assume that you refer to the PC supporting fundraising in the community. PC's can make donations to groups etc in the community which broadly speaking meet the basic criteria of benefiting the community in some way. To ensure that they stay within the "rules" it is advisable for the PC to have in place a donations policy which they must decide. It would specify how and who can apply, amounts ( say max) that will be donated, and have an appointed committee to examine applications and make recommendations to council for decisions. This will streamline the process, and ensure compliance with any requirements laid down ( including proof of where the grant has gone) in the policy.

If the donation is for something outside the community ( even a charity) then it would be hard to justify sending tax payers money without a community consultation on it no matter how deserving the cause is.

PC's must show due diligence in all they do.
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Parish Councils have the power to undertake fundraising for their own projects and may accept donations from individuals, businesses etc as well as applying for grants. A public appeal can be a good way of assessing community support for a project. In the good old days, village halls and other community buildings were part-funded through a local Buy-A-Brick campaign but now that we have this internet thing we call it crowdfunding.
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