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Do PCs have a specific power to fund the above ?
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2 Answers

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Yes, I would argue by virtue of the Local Government Act 1972, s145  Provision of entertainment and support of the arts.

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A very tenuous link . S145 , s137 , s111 so many vague bits of legislation that can be open to interpretation  . I wonder what these people used  ooops just realised that was 2012
It all depends on the nature of the celebration the PC organises which we don't know
Basically someone suggested  buying some mugs . After a little chat they decided Cllr A go away and come up with some suggestions  . Spend up to £3k.  So far kids have said "mugs?" you must be joking , that's old hat
If you go for mugs, make sure you get the spelling correct. There's a large consignment of Platinum Jubbly crockery out there looking for a buyer!

Seriously though, I do think mugs are a thing of the past. Most of the councils I've spoken to are organising a street party or picnic as part of the national Big Jubilee Lunch on the Sunday. There's also the opportunity to join the Platinum Jubilee Beacons celebration on the Thursday evening.
Hi, took a look at the Ilkley Gazette article there interpretation was of its time maybe with the resignation and the in camera decision. With the current situation regarding Energy, Taxes and general cost of living can the words from NALC stalwart the Chief Officer of Cheshire council be considered as a guide for Precept rises per se.
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Depending on the nature of the event, it's a combination of S111 (power to facilitate a function), S138B (power to facilitate a religious or similar event), S142 (power to provide information), S144 (power to encourage visitors) and S145 (power to provide entertainments). There's an LTN on this subject.
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Knew I had read it somewhere LTN 11.   Lots of coulds/mays apply here but not specific legislation.  Smacks of NALC making legislation fit the project. Not that I have any manifest objection, its just once the go ahead is given those who shout loudest spend huge amounts of money on it . Twas ever thus.  I was this morning reading a   PCs list of its powers.  When it came to S137 the heading read "Free Resource" .  With that and S111 effectively GPC exists everywhere
To be fair to those who drafted the legislation and the NALC in their interpretation of it, the world was a very different place 50 years ago and it is inconceivable that they could have anticipated every single "what if" scenario likely to arise in any local council anywhere in the country and include it in specific powers.

Enjoy the party (and pray it doesn't rain!)
I know exactly what you are saying Dave.  I am all for clarifying enablers, the problem is there will always be those who take the pxxxx

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