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We will shortly be facing being the victim of an in town clean air zone ie traffic being routed out of town and through our village.  I read in some minutes about a month ago of a Parish purchasing two such devices.

Have any of our readers had any experience of these devices i,e, where do you get them from costs etc
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Bizarrely, that might have been my council! We haven't bought the planned monitors as they come from France and we were facing issues with the international payment process and charges. So the committee are investigating further and there are options on Amazon they are considering.
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Is this something you could persuade a local university to undertake on your behalf? I wonder what value the data from a parish council using equipment purchased on Amazon, presumably at the lower end of the price scale, will have in the grand scheme of things.
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For my council, the project was requested by our local secondary school following a successful Climate conference organised by the parish council and 6 local schools.  I believe they wanted to monitor the air quality of their journeys from the train station to the school.  For my council it was not so much about having high spec equipment rather than community engagement with the yoof.
Interesting project.  Children are our future, as the song goes!
As a recently resigned Parish Councilor, my day job is in air quality monitoring.  I'm happy to give some advice (free of course) as I am passionate Air Quality.  In short; if you just looking for trends a cheap instrument will do the job but if you want something which is relatively maintenance free and gives a good accuracy of reading be prepared to pay more.  You'll only need a full blown AOMS if you want to hold a workplace or developer to account with something which is evidence grade.

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