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Use of Facebook - Official Council Page

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I have tried to find the answer to this on the web without success. If we set up an official council facebook page and use for communicating to the parish, is there a cost involved. At present most of our facebook communication is via the clerks facebook account whch I think is wrong. Any help appreciated
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There is no charge for a Facebook page. I have one set up in the name of the council as a noticeboard for communicating with residents, so they may read and like our posts, but not comment on them. This keeps the trolls away. We share some of our posts with local community Facebook pages as appropriate.
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The whole point of Facebook is that it is an interactive social media platform.  If you don't allow comment, you might as well just use a website.
I'm sure that there is a setting for Admiin to see all posts prior to being posted on the actual site. This would prevent any inappropriate [rude] comments.
There is indeed.  Admins can stop posts appearing until they are approved.
We have a particular issue with trolling that went beyond rude and into illegal, so it was necessary to prevent access. We don't have the time to monitor and weed out the rubbish.

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