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Should a statement from an absent councillor be read out by another councillor prior to voting?

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At a Full Council meeting, prior to voting on a recommendation a statement from an absent councillor was read out to the meeting. Her statement was speaking against the recommendation and I felt uncomfortable with this. I'm curious as to whether statements from non attendees is legal as I cannot find any reference to this in our Standing Orders.
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Yes I would support the approach to share it.  Members (and indeed public) often make written submissions which we would include as part of the meeting papers circulated to help voting members make an informed decision.  If a member with specific interest/passion is unable to attend seems reasonable to share their views. Imagine working tirelessly on a specific issue for years and through no fault of your own find yourself having to isolate (its bad enough not able to vote and participate remotely but alas English legislation trails..) but least let them share thoughts.       

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Councillors have a right to have their views on matters before the council heard whether they are able to attend in person or not. By letting the meeting have those views in writing is a very sensible method in this day and age and councils should be using their best endeavours to ensure that all matters receive as much input as possible and not spend their time seeking ways of restricting views.
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I agree with both previous comments. The absent councillor should be allowed to express his/her views. However, they should not state how they would vote. As they are unable to be present to  hear the views of other councillors, to do so would be pre-determination.

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