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Recorded vote.

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At the March parish council meeting that the clerk was present at and officiating a cllr requested that in accordance with Standing Orders a Recorded vote was taken prior to moving onto the next business, which was denied. Exert from minutes below with cllrs names deleted.

CC903/11 Purchase of CCTV Equipment for  Recreation Ground

This matter was introduced by the Chairman and Cllr XXX spoke in support of having cameras installed at Barton Way due to damage to cars and the play area.

Other Cllrs thought that this would be a waste of money. Cllr XXX offered to donate the money himself but it was generally agreed that if Members thought this initiative was a bad idea then the Parish Council should not go ahead with it.


It was proposed by Cllr XXX and seconded by Cllr XXX that this initiative will not be taken forward and the proposal was agreed.

A recorded vote was requested but Cllrs agreed that the request had been made at too late a stage. 


It doesn't matter what the cllrs stated, it was a point of order and as such should the clerk have insisted that a recorded vote was taken? Was the denial of taking the vote unlawful by the clerk and if it was, what action could be taken?

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The standard form of Standing Orders stipulates that any member may request any vote be recorded provided the request is made, as you say, before moving on to other business. Neither the Clerk (who should be advising the members of the rules and regs.) or any or all of the other members can deny this.

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