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Can a councillor who left a meeting in the last 10 minutes vote on them at the next meeting?

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If a councillor leaves the meeting , having attended the majority of it (leaving say in the last 15 minutes) are they able to be part of the vote in adopting them at the next meeting? Our meetings are recorded, so all councillors could hear what was said, and in this case the councillor stayed for the substantive decisions. Grateful for clarification.
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2 Answers

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Yet again we come back to the required integrity of councillors. Integrity has nothing to do with following the letter of the law or ticking boxes but a display of a persons morals and standards.
Whether it is ten minutes or one hour surely the decision of the councillor concerned should be to not take part in the voting on acceptance of the minutes. Remember it is the vote as to whether they accept the minutes as a true statement. Whether the meeting is recorded is immaterial as using that as a reason to vote would then apply to a councillor who was on holiday at the time of the meeting.
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Lets cut to the chase.  The answer is yes they can.
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