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Bank of Ireland signatories change

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Good evening

We are having an nightmare of a job to try and change and signatories at Bank of Ireland.  The whole process started in March and still continues..... today we are told after numerous attempts to contact them by phone that we need to open a new account with new signatures  The original paperwork we submitted in May to change signatories apparently is not correct!   All we wish to do is to remove 2 names and add 2 new names signatories.
Does anybody bank with BOI and have you changed signatories recently ?
any idea of any banks that are accepting new accounts ?
Advice please
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1 Answer

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We had problems with our bank (Lloyds) so we have gone with Unity Trust Bank which seems to be reasonably aware of PC requirements.
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we can go with unity trust as our current bank account is in the same bank  group.    Insurance only cover s £85k  each bank group.  we need two as we exceed this.
Your internal auditor should be able to advise...

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