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Clerk has resigned, councillor who has taken interim role refuses to have meeting before September.

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My husband is a parish councillor and has requested that there is a meeting of the PC in July since there are issues which need urgent attention. Another Cllr has taken over the role of interim clerk. Her response to his request was "Due to the changes that were made allowing remote meetings, and the restrictions surrounding Corona Virus, it was agreed that the Council would not meet in July and August. Corona Virus permitting , they would look to meet again in September."

The parish Standing Orders state that at the AGM of PC the council will determine the time and place of ordinary meetings of the council up to and including the next annual meeting of the PC. This was never done and whilst it is appreciated that there is a lawful requirement to have four meetings during the year the April and June PC meetings had agendas issued but were cancelled at short notice. There have historically always been elevenPC meetings each year.. On reading through all the minutes for the last year there was never any discussion regarding cancellation of meetings in July. I was of the opinion that the government had removed all Covid restrictions as from July 17th.

One of the pressing issues is the PC response to a planning application, the response is due early August. The Cllr/interim clerk has already put in a supporting response onto the local authority website in her own name and the Chairman is the Property Developer responsible for introducing the landowner to the applicant builder. I feel the lack of meeting will inhibit discussion and not allow residents opportunity to make representation to Councillors.

Unfortunately YLCA will only respond to the clerk and the Chairman. There has not been a PC meeting to appoint the Cllr as clerk /RFO.

Your responses will be much appreciated as to whether these actions are legal.
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Consult the Standing Orders which should explain how to call an EGM ( Extraordinary General Meeting ) which generally only needs a request from two Councillors
As agenda items you could include the planning issue and the appointment of the Clerk
There’s nothing to stop you or anyone else objecting to the Planning Application or approaching your Borough Councillor with a view to them “ calling it in “
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