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Can a Town Clerk ignore a request from a Councillor eg contact a land owner about use of land?

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The community has suggested erecting a performance space for all to use but the land is rented. Can the Town Clerk refuse to contact the landowner when asked to do so by a councillor?
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If asked by an individual Cllr, then possibly - yes.  Clerk's tend to be super sensitive about being asked to do anything by an individual Cllr.  That's the quick route to a HR complaint!

If asked as a result of a motion of the council (and if the nature of the work naturally falls within the ToR for the clerk) still possibly yes = but that would give rise to a potential disciplinary issue unless there was good reason for not doing so.

Your question could do with a bit of clarification since it doesn't easily translate whether this is (a) a community aspiration being championed by a single Cllr or whether it is (b) a community aspiration which has been presented to, supported by and resolved to action from the council.

Trying to determine whether it is reasonable for the clerk to refuse kind of depends on (a) or (b) above.

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Thank you, that was very helpful.

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