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Is it permissable for a parish council to make a response to a planning authority without a formal parish meeting?

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As statutory consultees can a parish council chairman or clerk declare a parish council meeting is not necessary because a planning application is non-contentious, and without a minuted meeting or public involvement seek parish councillors views over the telephone to collectively agree to a "no objection response", however, the clerk's letter to the local planning authority states the parish council supports the application.

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Give us the planning application number and local authority so we can have a look at the detail
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I'd be surprised if the LA planning portal allows the functionality of a "no objection" submission.  It's either "support" "object" or "neutral" - with supporting text.

It's dodgy to present a PC response if no vote has been conducted (on the agenda, minuted etc.)

It could give rise to questions, possibly compensation claim if the applicant is adversely effected, or criticism if there were a planning appeal or judicial review of the application.

Just really bad practice.
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It depends if delegated authority has been given to the Clerk to respond on behalf of the parish council.  Some councils meet 4 times a year and so would not be able to comment within the time frame without the Clerk responding on their behalf.

Also bear in mind that councils are not 'statutory consultees' as such, councils have the right to receive all information on local planning applications if they inform their district / borough council that they want to receive it.  Statutory consultees are listed in the Town and Country Planning Act 2000 and include flood agencies, Highways England and that type of organisation.
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