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Can a parish council limit the time the public can speak at a meeting to 3 minutes

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Yes Many stipulate format (and time allocated) within standing orders / public participation policy.  Personally ours opts not to (though in fairness before remote meetings cant actually remember when the last member of the public who asked a question (or indeed turned up) it had been that long

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I’ve seen a Council use an egg timer to ensure exactly three minutes which I personally felt was intimidation so it’s little wonder the public rarely turn up
But conversely when it suits they allow them to talk during a debate
Yep sadly seen it all elsewhere. I have seen folk sat playing with phone, nattering, making themselves a drink, rummaging around bag looking and some flat out turning heads looking deliberately opposite way.  Chairmans banging gavels in a demented fashion as there stop watch beeps. Its why am so keen to favourable judgement and remote provision extended beyond May.  Lets turn the spot-light firmly on the good and the frighteningly bad within sector.  Lets not let folk go and hide back inside village halls with the curtains closed
Not necessary and implemented on NALC advice in their drive to control PC's and save their NALC trained clerks from actually doing their jobs.
You don't need a time limit just a good professional and competent Chair. As stated leads to confrontation
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It’s as well to limit both the total amount of time allocated for public representation AND the time available each individual can speak.
Without a specified time window, people may waffle on for ages to the detriment of other business.
Perfectly reasonable to limit not only public speaking time but ALSO councillor speaking time - focuses the mind and prevents overly verbose presentations
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