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asked by a member of the public to put an item on the agenda that has already be voted on in the last meeting

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Can an item be revisited once it has been voted on? can it be over turned so the item can be looked at again
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2 Answers

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There is no legislation to prevent an item being revisited. But most councils have standing orders that forbid raising the same issue within six months. This is designed to stop someone being a nuisance by constantly raising the same matter. However, if the council wishes to reconsider, because of the lack of a legislative barrier, it can vote to suspend that standing order for a particular matter. So it's up to the council.
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Depends on your Standing Orders in our case it can revisited if the majority of Councillors believe they were not fully informed when making the decision
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Many councils have the 6 month rule otherwise they would never move forward. If a democratic vote has taken place it would not serve any purpose as you would expect the outcome to be similar
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