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I'm at a loss

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The council are not voting on certain decisions that require a vote, and some decisions and votes are being changed.  It means I'm just always voting against the minutes.

It is raised and ignored.
What else can one do!?
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The 1972 legislation is very out of touch, we have technology that wasn’t in place when the legislation was written. Recording if meeting and web-castings are a clear way forward with a suitable voting system adopted. This would also allow for votes to be audited.

When public meetings return to be in person (post Covid) are we going to allow people to dial in from home

There definitely needs to be a legislation review to include The use of up to date technology
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Are you in a position to sit down and talk to your Chairman. With most meetings on zoom, the personal touch is being lost and the ability for discussion greatly reduced. it is easy to think you are alone but most councils have been thrown into a new way of working and in reflection not always positive.

Ask for a recorded vote each time and ask for confirmation for the minutes as the vote takes place.
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It's an issue that rears its head quite frequently from time to time locally.  It's one of the reasons I continue to advocate strongly that meetings (whether virtual or indeed in person) are recorded.  I have tried to reduce the number of times officers allow decisions to be taken on the basis of simply minuting "it was agreed / decided" without an actual vote.  It's a point keep stressing we are a decision making body and the manner in which the council comes to any decision (even more important when controversial) ought to be done through a clear transparent vote and a robust process.
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It was all 'meant to be' a recorded vote, but some were not, and it was recorded meeting but noone else appears to check the minutes, or the recording or take notes it would seem so there's nothing I can do.
Even if we didn't record the meeting there a very clear mistake.
I'm contemplating resignation as I am tired of being on a dishonest council.
I was always taught minutes are a legal document so I don't understand why people don't seem interested here. Essentially, we can literally rewrite history. That may sound extreme, but it seems that way.
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Felt in very similar position from time to time.  Little regulatory support in terms of interventions from higher powers.  Its an area of local government that is going through rapid changes (increasing scope and scale seemingly every week) yet still been run resembling vicar of dibley in far to many cases.  Puts huge strain on people "on the inside" trying to do the right thing  Emotional & Physical toll for sure.  Spent many an hour banging head against proverbial (and indeed real) brick wall
When a PC falls into "cutting corners" for whatever reason the frustration felt is based squarely on the fact that there is no way of forcing them to mend their ways.

 I and others have advocated that there should be an open, transparent and independent body to adjudicate on matters arising from PC non compliance on  PC codes of conduct, standing orders and policies adopted by a PC. The body should have powers to force adherence to their findings until a PC meets the required standards.

If there are no consequences for bad governance then it is human nature that it will continue and spread.
Too long PC's (councillors)have lazily taken the easy way out by allowing the NALC's of this world to make decisions for them when they should have their own professional body as a foundation for excellence in Parish Councils
It really is horrendous to think of the number of PCs with bad governance - open, transparent, honest, only apply to others whereas the core group maintain their own interests and those of their friends.
Is there a way we can lobby for this? I'd support this and I think the public would to.
As NALC and the "local" offices have built an empire which has now become by their simply being there a "pseudo authority" without any official basis only "self appointment" there is nothing stopping Parish Councils signing up to, and/or creating  a professional body which by its nature would have credence and authority like any other membership professional body.

Of course it would require a considerable amount of work on those committed to  forming such a body  but I am sure there are sufficient councillors and clerks who would be committed to such a task. "The Institute of Parish Councils".
Councillors on attaining suitable accreditations set by the institute could receive the right to use the appropriate post-nominals (eg "MIPC, FIPC") which instantly denotes their level of knowledge and commitment to everyone, public included.
Just a thought?

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