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How many years is a chairperson allowed to be re-elected as the chair of a Parish Council? Is their a legal limit?

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No there’s no legal limit. If the Council want them then that’s the democratic vote of the council.

You could as a council set a policy for a maximum consecutive term as Chairman.
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The only problem with that policy is that it's embarrassing when no one else want the job of chairman.
That's a good point. If no-one wants the role than I suppose someone has to do it even though I agree with the sentiment of the question.
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It is a big responsibility if you have no idea of what you are doing. Parish council rules are a minefield and not like any other committee. You could stipulate that a nominee should have undergone chairman training before standing and encourage people to go on the training
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It might be a useful idea for all councillors to receive even a cut down version of the chair training as a matter of course. Councillors would then hopefully have a better perception of what is required of the office and also help with understanding of when a chair oversteps their powers and better judge if 1) they could do the job, 2) stand for election themselves.

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