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Can Cllrs be prevented from putting a relevant item on a council agenda, other than for e.g. admin reasons.

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The chair and clerk may be uncomfortable with my question, which would be raised in Confidential session, and already known to all Cllrs.
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If you're using the NALC Model Standing Orders, there's a section entitled Motions for a Meeting that Require Written Notice to be Given to the Proper Officer. Have a look at that, in particular items e) to h), which govern the process by which the Clerk and, in certain circumstances, the Chair, may determine whether or not an item is included on the agenda.
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Many thanks - h) is the key.
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You can't exclude press & public from a Council meeting just because somebody may feel "Uncomfortable" with an agenda item or question put in it.
There has to be a valid reason under schedule 12 of the Local Govt Act 1972 to exclude via a resolution, the  press and public.

There is a difference between a question, motion, and item suggested for discussion for information purposes.
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If an item is not placed on an agenda it must be deemed improper as of my understanding.

Have you asked why it may be deemed as such? It should then be recorded as that.
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