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Code of conduct complaint

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Is there a time limit for a response to a code of conduct complaint?
Standing orders cite once a complaint is recieved by the Monitoring Officer, the Council should be informed and, i think, disclosed to Full Town Council (simply that a complaint has been received and being investigated)
Is this accurate and are there any circumstances where this would not occur?
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The Local govt ombudsman can investigate maladministration by principal authorities and this can include failure by the monitoring officer to respond to code of conduct issues in a timely manner.  The LGO says "If you are unhappy with the final outcome, or the council is taking too long to look into the matter – we think 12 weeks is reasonable – you can complain to us". So you may need to contact the LGO.

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Has the MO acknowledged the complaint initially? If so good start, if not then that needs addressing.

If there has been no update after a month it would be worth chasing them.

However, the time taken to deal with any of this is simply not worth it. The MO has zero power to do anything. We had a CoC complaint against a Councillor recently which was incredibly serious and in any professional environment would have constituted Gross Misconduct and dismissed without investigation due to the evidence. The MO wrote to say that yes there was a breach and yes the evidence was all very clear but they had no power to take action. It made a complete mockery of the system!
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Yes they acknowledged however have not called in my evidence. That's concening. They may refer to Covid as a reason but equally contact would be nice.
I have called the relevant authority for an update, otherwise I'll contact the LGO.
You are probably right though

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