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Employer liabilty for a mistake of an employee of a Town council. Where does money for settlement come from ?

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Our local Cemetery is managed  under a Joint Burial Committee of members delegated by  2 Parish Councils and the local Town Council in which it is situated.Until recently there was a curator living on site employed by the Town Council to carry out all associated duties, for which his salary came from  the budget of the  burial committee. Whilst he was on holiday a person ( employed by the Town  Council) was delegated to carry out a element of his duties which resulted in a court settlement.  Is it the responsibility of each  parish council to increase the contribution already made to cover award.  I think not , it should be covered by the  Employer .    I have raised this with my parish Council  as our budget is precious, they are of the opinion that they are responsible under management arrangements.  Surely not it should  come from the  Employer and their insurance. They were providing a service to the management of the Cemetery.  Have searched for a clear defined answer with no result.
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This is a complicated scenario and without knowing all of the facts, a definitive answer is not possible, however my first inclination, based on the information you have provided, would be that this is a matter for the Town Council's insurer, if the settlement resulted from an error or omission by a Town Council employee. Your own insurer should also be informed in line with your "all material facts" agreement with them.
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