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How to ensure that the role of a District and Parish Councillor are not in conflict when you are both?

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If the Parish Council fosters a positive, constructive relationship with the District Council, there can be significant benefits in having a District Councillor on the Parish Council.  It opens a two-way conversation and enhances understanding of the challenges each council faces.  From the Parish Council's point of view, having one of your own sitting at the top table can only be a good thing.

With your district hat on, you simply need to be honest about what is and isn't achievable.  In my district, around half of the district councillors also sit on parish or town councils and I am not aware of any significant problems over the last five years.

We do have a neighbouring parish council that considers the district council to be the enemy in a battle for resources, so it would be difficult to see how a district counicllor might fit in there.
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Where the DC and PC take up opposing positions on a specific issue , leave the rooms when any votes at meetings on such issues are taken.-  for both Councils. Often. a Parish Council can't get enough members DC members seek to redress that through choice or via their political  masters!
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