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what happens if my entire parish council resigns as a protest over local council ignoring planning concerns

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My local council consistently ignores objections to planning applications despite samdev being in place and even when reasonable requests are made to modify plans (to preserve views for existing residents without detracting from the new build view for instance) it simply waves consent through. there have been dozens of applications for new buildings in three very small villages that simply cannot sustain so many new houses - neither economically or through the road and local infrastructure. The PC is now considering resigning en masse in protest as it thinks its simply wasting its time commenting.
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Does your council request feedback as to why the planning applications are passed?  Do you consider, and I ask this with respect, that the objections given by your parish council are detailed enough, precise and reflect the planning framework?  Do your parishioners actually object themselves or expect the parish council to act on their behalf?

Rather than resigning, would it not be a better option to engage with your Borough / District (?) councillors and have a frank discussion about their planning policies?
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Hello, we have the same problem but it appears that the county council doesn't (at the moment) have to take any notice at all what we, either as parish councillors or residents say) they say we are consultees only and frankly these new houses being built (usually bought as holiday homes) is destroying out community to such an extent that I believe within less than 10 years there will be no locals left!!
Have you tried contacting your district councillors? Sometimes it helps to have a plan called to committee rather that let the officer make the decisions.

We have a NH plan in place which helps formulate planning objections but even then they often appear to ignore our objections.

Does your District have a 5 year land supply? That makes a huge difference too.
Planning objections must be based on planning policy, not local prejudice. No one has a right to retain a view. That is well known in planning but not widely understood among the general population. Since the NPPF came into force, with its "presumption in favour of development", LPAs are nervous of being taken to appeal and are therefore more likely to fold when faced with determined and skilled developers. Your LPA should have a Core Strategy or Local Plan, and your parish might have an NDP, which would help resist the onslaught of the urbanisation of our rural counties, but not if there are no safeguarding policies contained therein. If there are, use them when objecting.

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