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Vote of no confedence

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After a disruptic meeting by a member of the public and two parish councillors can a vote of no confedence be brought against the two councillors by the remaining council members??
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No. The other members may might move a resolution that the members concerned are disrupting the meeting and/or bringing the council into disrepute etc. This is really a situation where the Chair needs to assert his authority. The Chair has several powers to ensure that all meetings are run free from disruption including moving that any member refusing to accept the ruling of the Chair should not be further heard on the issue concerned. Such a proposal can go straight to a vote. Standing orders and the authority of the Chair should ensure that members of the public do not disrupt meetings. Ultimately no amount of rules will adequately replace good conduct by all present.  As a footnote, forceful and hard hitting debate is sometimes wrongly thought to be a disruption. There is a line between them and it is the Chair's job to ensure the meeting stays the right side of the line
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