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Will PC clerks have a code of conduct (along with members) they need to follow, if so what is it.

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will PC Clerks have a code of conduct ( along with members) they have to follow.
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The Clerk is an employee and they have a job description, a contract and other statutory documents and policies.
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Thank you.  So the clerk would not be bound by the standards members code of conduct but that within the policies as an employee?
We have a clerk who we believe has been involved in discusssions with the PC and has interests in owning land and therefore should have been excluded, sighting her conflict of interest.
The Clerk is not excluded for conflict of interest, as he or she is not part of the decision-making process. In making their decision, which I presume relates to a planning matter, the Council should be considering the matter on its merits, regardless of who may or may not own the land.
Thank you. This clerk is receiving all inbound mail for the Parish councillors. So as a land owner herself is privy to information prior to other land owners. Is this right?
Plus she is advising the parish councillors with potential predudish , given she has an interest in land around our villageā€¦ is that right and what can be done in both cases?

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